Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Christian High Priest and the Sulking Sheiks

here was once a Christian High Priest, named Benedict, whose name means "He who Speaks Goodness", and though his kingdom was but a tiny castle in the land of the Romans, he had many subjects scattered to the four corners of the world. And when he spake, they drew from him great comfort and joy, for he knew the truth, and spake forthrightly and fearlessly.

2. Now spake Benedict, bravely, concerning the evil ways of the Wrathful Prophet of Allah, who suffers in agony for eternity, and how he made disciples from among the Christians and Jews by threats and by slaughters, and how he causèd heavy burdens to be placèd upon them, til they relented and converted to the Religion of Allah and his prophet, may he fester in the dung of the damnèd, and be consumèd by flies.

4. Now when the Sons of Allah and his prophet, may his bones be chewed by dogs, did hear these words, they were wroth and did sulk greatly, for the words of Benedict were true, and they could not abide truth, and they began to curse Benedict and rain down threats upon him, as is their wont.

5. Now Benedict did arise and seek audience with the Sulking Sheiks, who demanded that he recant and apologize for offending them, and say that their religion was one of peace and tolerance, else they would grow more furious, but Benedict apologizèd not, and thus the
Sulking Sheiks did seethe and did they sulk some more.