Monday, May 11, 2009

The Humble Servant Zakariah and the Ignorant Learned Men of Allah

 n the land of Egypt, in the time of the reign of Mubarak the Despot, there did abide in the country some Christians, who were called Copts.

2. And they were poor, and their lot was to pick garbage. And they were persecuted by the followers of the Prophet, may his bowels be cast upon the rocks, and

oft times did they provoke the Christians, and steal their children.

3. And the Christians grew weary of their sufferings, and pressed their rulers for justice.
4. And the Law, which was in those parts known as Shariah, heard not their cries, neither did the judges incline their ears toward their plight, and the rulers and the Sons of Perdition did heap more abuse upon the Christians.
5. Thus, were the Copts taxed beyond measure, and oppression covered the land. And it seemed that they were without hope, and that Our Lord and Saviour did hear them not.

6. And so the Christians prayed. And their plight became known, far and wide, by word of mouth, yea, the very birds of the air did tell forth their suffering with great haste, and many were their Christian brethren who gathered, and prayed without ceasing for The Eternal to show them mercy, and comfort.

7. And many of the Christians remembered the admonitions of Our Saviour, who commanded us to pray for our enemies, and to bless those who curse us, and Who, when he was crucified and reviled by His brethren, forgave them, for they knew not what they did.

8. And there arose, from their midst, a humble servant of Christ, a man named Zakaria.

9. And the hand of God and the wisdom of Solomon was in his mouth, and many of the Lost Sons of Allah and his vile prophet did turn away from the devil, and gave heed to the words of Zakaria.
10. And Zakaria was very learnèd in all the ways and the scriptures of the False Prophet, may he hang forever upside down in a pit of adders, and did exceed the knowledge of the Ignorant Learnèd Men of Allah, who spoke follies far and wide on everything under the sun, and thus did lead many astray.

11. And the people hearing Zakaria, humble servant of Christ, marvelled, for behold, here was a man who was not a follower of Allah nor his prophet, may he freeze in the deepest pit of Hell, neither was he afraid of the prophet or his followers, and with great bravery, spake he the truth and did not shrink from their cursings and threats.
12. And thus, did he bring many to the true knowledge and many were saved because of him.
13. And the Teachers were jealous, and envious of the humble servant of Christ, Zakaria, for his knowledge was true and when it became known far and wide what evils lay in the books of the sayings of the Prophet and his friends, many of the Sons of Allah were repulsèd and ashamed, and asked the Teachers of Allah if these things were indeed in the books, and the Teachers of Allah scorned them and brushed aside their questions, and threatened them with beatings and prison if they asked what they could not answer.
14. So, seething and filled with rage and wrath, the Teachers of the Laws of Allah, vowed to kill the humble servant of Christ, Zakaria.
15. But the humble servant of Christ, Zakaria continues to taunt the Ignorant Learnèd men of Allah, and lives to this day, making disciples of Christ and snatching many souls from the Fires of Hell.