Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Unhappy Yemenite Looketh for Jews to Slaughter, and findeth Naught

ehold, in the Land of Yemen there did dwell some Jews, who were forever persecuted and slain by the True Believers, until they which continued to live, fled from there, while those who remained, were sought after and slain, according to the traditions of the sons of Allah and his prophet, may open, festering boils cover his eyes forever.

2. And lo, sorely vexed were the sons of Allah and his prophet, May his memory cease, when slain was the last Jew, and then did Allah and his jinn did mirthfully mock them, exceedingly, til the sons of Allah and the Prophet, who roasts evermore in the fires of Nahr, did seethe and turn on themselves and slaughtered themselves without mercy.

3. For the one said to his brother, Behold, thou art not a true Believer, and thus did retort the accusèd and offended brother, Yea verily, but I am, more so than thou art , and thus, one arose and smote the other.

4. And then did Allah with his consort of jinn mock them, exceedingly, for they were a foolish and gullible lot, having bred a man with his niece, and father with his daughter, til madness overtook their senses.

5. And wherever trod the sons of Allah and his prophet, may he weep with bitter tears and remorse and find no comfort, did they bring with them Chaos, and Destruction, and Sorrows Beyond Measure.

6. And lo, there were none to aid them, and to teach them the path of wisdom, for they were hard-hearted, and full of theft and murder and wrath, and slew all whom the Eternal sent as helpers and comforters.

7. Behold, their lot is Perpetual Darkness and Ignorance, til they turn, and repent.

8. Learn o mortals, and mourn, for they come as pests to devour. And you will not find peace.