Friday, May 29, 2009

Who teacheth the Teachers?

ehold, in the Days of Lunacy, in the rainy isle of Britain, there were a craven and sniveling folk who believed themselves to be wise and understanding, and did their best to impart such reckless sensitivities in their acolytes, but in truth, they were fools, and they were called "Teachers"

2. Now, teachers wishing to impart this nonsense into the minds of the students, chanced upon what they thought was a brilliant idea. They decided that Christian children should be forced to pray to Allah, and recite the prayers of Allah.

3. And the parents of the children were wroth and sought to put an end to such chicanery, but lo, the teachers forced these children to do that which they would otherwise not do.

4. And one child, a little boy, who knew the scriptures and prayers of Allah, for his parents had been followers of the prophet of Allah, may his teeth rot with pain for ever, and they were now Christians.

5. And spake the child to the Fool and saith, "If I am to recite the prayers of Allah, I would become a follower of Allah, and the Prayer, once spoken, can never be unspoken, and I must do all that which is required of me in Allah's Unchanging Scriptures. Therefore, I must needs kill thee., for it is written in the Book of Allah and the Prophet, may he give birth to swine for all eternity, that I must slay the infidels wherever I find them, and lo, here thou art! An Infidel, as surely as I am now a Christian.

6. So choose ye, carefully, lest I choose that which will benefit neither of us, but only bring to ruin everything.

7. And the Teacher pondered, and thought it best to assign some other bit of homework, instead.